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+1 408-827-1168

Call Return Coordinator if you have problems such as :

You have received the wrong part or quantity

The item you've received is broken or damaged

Items were omitted from the order

If you are returning a product because of an ordering error by the person who placed the order, credit is issued less a 10% restocking fee. There is no fee if AcuTech Scientific Inc. was responsible for the error. An ordering error must be brought to our attention within ten(10) days after the product is shipped, and the product must be returned unused and in good condition. We can not issue credit if the product can not be returned to stock because it is used or damaged. 


+1 408-827-1168

Call or email support@acutechscientific.com to Technical Service if you have problems such as :

You can not get a product to perform properly

You can not duplicate an application chromatogram in our literature

Instructions for using a product are unclear


(Contact your local AcuTech Scientific Inc. Representative)

Columns and most consumables normally will be evaluated within 7 working days after receipt, unless there are unusual or special circumstances. If you need a replacement immediately, we can send a new product (except for electronic products), but we must invoice you for the item. Credit is issued to your account if the returned product is determined to be defective. If the problem is system-related or was caused by improper use or handling, the item will be returned to you, and the replacement invoice is due. We can not restock used or damaged items.

AcuTech Scientific Inc. will honor the original warranty of resale electronic products. However, if the item is not under warranty, the customer is responsible for all repair costs charged by the vendor.  

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