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Free ultra-fast drug/chemical ID and method 905 drug content uniformity test is available.
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AcuScan1500 received 2016 R&D 100 Award.  

The R&D100 Award is represented as a very  prestigious “Oscars of Invention”. honoring the latest and best innovations and identifying  the top technology products of the past year.  Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards have identified revolutionary technologies introduced to the market...

...and now the AcuScan®1500 Raman Chemical Identification and Quantification Analysis System
has joined that list of achievements and made history by winning the 2016 R&D100 Award!

See picture below for the Award

Breaking News : Acutech Scientific Inc. introduced the smallest handheld Raman spectra ID indicator  and Raman Spectra Library for



hazardous chemicals

chemical warfare agents,

and pharmaceutical chemicals .

Raman spectra ID Library for chemicals can be self-created.

                                            It has the best price to performance ratio in the Raman Spectra-ID marketplace                                            

Our Raman product portfolio include now: A lightweight handheld AcuScan100(SERSTECH100 Indicator), Field portable AcuScan 1350 for  Gemstones and geological mineral identification system, and a fully automated AcuScan1500 system for 21, 30, 96, and 384 microwell for multiple sample identification and quantification.   Now you are able to utilize this award winning Raman Spectra-Identification featuring patented laser self focusing technique for reproducible multiple sample identification and quantification analysis.                                                                                           

Image of R&D Award

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