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USA & International Distributors Wanted

AcuTech Scientific invites you to become a Distributor for our 2016 R&D 100 Award winning AcuScan1500, SERSTECH 100, AcuScan1200, and AcuScan1350 products. Acutech Scientific offers the patented and the most advanced Raman Chemical Analysis System for qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic substances.

SERSTECH100     A pocket size handheld Raman Spectra Identification system for all in one solution for all organics and in-organic substance. Features : Raman spectra Library for explosives, narcotics, hazardous chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals. Spectra ID Library can also  be self-created. Truly handheld, 15x10x3cm, and only 0.65kg in weight.

AcuScan200   A Raman Spectra Identification system for Real-time On-line Chemical Reaction Monitoring Using online AcuScan1200  Raman System with ATS Software Data Analysis driver. 

AcuScan1200        A handheld and portable Raman spectra identification system for chemical identification and for pharmaceutical Raw material identification based on USP method905. Both 785nm and 1064nm laser sources are available.  AcuScan1200 and user friendly software is also used for real time chemical Reactor raw material, intermediates as well as end product monitoring for reaction process optimization and end product production efficiency and quality.

AcuScan1350      A  field portable rapid gem stone and geological mineral identification system with a  360 degree view of stone surface.  Raman spectra finger print offers ultra-fast  chemical identity  or counterfeit detection of  precious stones. 

AcuScan1500        A rapid and automated  Raman chemical analysis system allows automatic testing multiple samples in one method for content identity and content uniformity (spectra intensity) determination. The patented robotic control and optimization  process allow 100% accuracy in Raman spectra identification and better than 1.0% RSD for spectra intensity reproducibility for 0.1sec scan at  100mW 785nm laser power for 96 polystyrene samples.  

What you Get:

  • 1.  Earn great Commissions or Discounts selling the  2016 R&D 100 Award winning  AcuScan® 1500, AcuScan1350, and  AcuScan1200  products
    2.  Promoting  R&D100 Award winning break through in chemical reaction process monitoring and analysis technology
  • 3.  24 hours 365 days a year technical service  through Internet "TeamViewers"
    4.  Great technical support, method development,  and free training
  • 5.  Establish and secure  Raman technology and marketing position in your managed territories.
  • 6. A two years product quality assurance warranty protection

Please contact  Frank Yang at  sales@acutechscientific.com  or call  Frank Yang at 1-408-868-7707 for details

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