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Application Notes

  1. Highly Reproducible Raman Spectra Wave Number (0%RSD) for Sample ID & (0.64%RSD)
    Spectra  Intensity for Quantification of Polystyrene
  2. High Throughput Content Uniformity Validation for Drug Tablets, Liquid Vials, and Mixed Powder
  3. Ultra-Fast <1.5min Per Drug Sample Identification
  4. Spectra Library Save and Spectrum Comparison for Sample Identification
  5. Software for Raman Spectra Identification and Quantification
  6. Comparison of NIR Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy
  7. What does Raman Offer to Users?
  8. Raman with SERS for Sub-ppm Detection-10ppb for Delta9-THC
  9. Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals; Cosmetics—Off line & On-Line monitoring
  10. Food and food contaminants/additives
  11. Natural Product: Tea, Cannabis, Chinese Herb Medicines

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